What You Need To Know About The Man Weave

A man weave is a cranial prosthesis unit or a non-surgical hair replacement. The installation of these units provides a man that has lost his hair a way to regain his hair back in an easy way. Many individuals who have gone bald or are currently undergoing hair loss or thinning caused by old age or from cancer treatments, often pursue these cranial prosthesis or hair replacement units.

What Is The Difference Between A Toupee And A Man Weave?

The toupee and the man weave work in the same way when it comes to concealing areas of exposed scalp or baldness. However, the structural designs and the application process of a man weave is customized in such a way that produces realistic and flawless results.

Why Are Men Choosing The Man Weave?

The primary reason why many men want to have hair again is to feel young and confident again. Men weave hair can do this for them

How Is A Man Weave Installed?

These weaves are installed by bonds and hair glue. This is a part of this process that helps to achieve a natural-looking result. With the latest advances in technology, there is no need to be concerned that the hair glue and bond chemicals will damage the scalp or the hair.

The stylist will usually begin with defining the client’s hairline. They will usually mark the area using a marker and then shave or cut the hair that is not needed, before installing the weave.

From here the stylist will now style the weave on the client’s head cutting the unit to a desirable shape. From here the stylist applies a hair-glue bond over the bald or exposed areas on the scalp or head.

The glue bond then needs to dry to ensure that the hair and the glue have bonded. From here the weave is carefully positioned on the hairline that was defined by the marker. The stylist then conducts a thorough cutting and styling technique.

The typical man weave unit should last for a few months up to 1 year, according to how it is maintained.

Man weave toupe

What You Need To Know About Hair Weaves For Men

Wigs, bundles, hair weaves, along with many other hair products, all contribute to a multi-billion dollar industry. Man weaves now form a part of this important industry. As these units continue to look more natural and real, this industry continues to expand as more and more products have become available for those that are interested.

Today, the things that people can now do with the way their hair looks, is just about limitless. It is also important to know that each man weave is unique and different and styled in order to match up to the client. During the process of installation, the stylist accounts for the shape of the client’s head, the texture of the hair, the hair color and hair-line. The stylist or barber will then style, trim, and cut the unit and the client’s hair so they blend well in order to achieve a more natural result.


Aqua Hair styles

Hair styles for men and women have adapted and changed a hell of a lot over the last 20-30 years. it is now becoming normal for young men to seek out hair replacement and hair restoration options